Sunday, September 28, 2008

The face of next American president . Lord Krishna or Jesus Christ?

It was interesting to listen to the first presidential election debate [ Sept 26 ] particularly on the topics of Iraq and Afghanistan where the presidential candidates have fundamental differences. Senator John McCain was justifying the Iraq war where Senator Barack Obama was pointing out focusing on Iraq made distraction of the work pending in Afghanistan.

Well, both were right on their viewpoints, Let me put mine..

The Afgan/Iraq policy, war on Iraq etc would definitely have its drawbacks. But it gave a very strong message to the countries promoting terrorism that hurting united states is like playing with fire. Any country that is under suspect of supporting terrorist activities against America has a fear in their mind of their own existence. This fear factor helps in a great level in America's safety because terrorist movements would not get open support by the anti-American countries.

It is a fact that the country had spent billions of dollars and lost many invaluable lives. But last 8 years people in America could sleep peacefully without fearing terrorist activities, Passengers boarded to each flight with confidence. United states might have lost its respect in the last 8 years, True, American eagle lost some moral character, but it protected your freedom right? Just imagine of taking soft steps like peace talks after 9/11 attacks! Many pride buildings would have been disappeared by now!! Conducting peace talks with the people who don't understand the meaning of “Peace” is worthless. America is still on the war against terrorism.

In the the great epic of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna advised to the warrior (Arjuna) in the battlefield..
"If you know you are on the side of justice (Dharma), then it is your duty (karma) to fight against those who have joined the forces of injustice (Adharma) with selfless mind and not worrying about consequences".

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Jesus Christ advised ... Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you".

All the best to who ever reaches to the next president's chair. I repeat my question.What should be the the face of next US president ? Face of Lord Krishna or Jesus Christ?

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